четверг, 25 февраля 2010 г.

ssh deny user

Полезная вещь.

Allow only some users to login
Ok, you now have disabled root login, but any user account on your system will be authorized to remote login. This brings a lot of issues, because more users, means more distributed logins, more chances to security issues (imagine one of your users being kidnapped by a alien, you never know). So authorize one user (you), and if needed, other users, but only if needed. I hope you never left sshd_config, because now we have to search for the line “AllowUsers”. If this line doesn’t exist, add it, in the “#Authentication” part of the file, and specify the users you want to allow login. Example: “AllowUsers user1 user2“. Easy right? Let’s continue.

Оригинал: http://blog.dbugs.org/2007/08/29/ssh-security/

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