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Cisco Design Models compilation

Оригинал тут - http://www.burningnode.com/2012/12/20/cisco-design-models-compilation/

Cisco produced a few different network architecture guidelines for enterprise networks. For those of you who are preparing the CCDA, you will encounter sooner or later these designs and best practices. As, I never found a document compiling every models for my CCDA preparation, I decided to create this one.
Below, a sum up of main Cisco’s network models: Hierarchical Model, Entreprise Campus Network, Entreprise Composite Network Model (ECNM), Datacenter Network Model, Service Oriented Network Architecture (SONA), Security Architecture For Entreprise (SAFE) and Cisco Borderless Network.

Hierarchical Model
We find different types of hierarchical model depending on the size of the company:
1 tier: one layer, typically small/branch offices (<50 br="" employees="">2 tier: core/distribution (collapsed core) and access layers OR core and distribution/access layers (50-100)
3 tier: core, distribution and access layers (100-200+)

Hierarchical models