среда, 31 октября 2018 г.

IOS clear VTY session

Just reminder

Step 1:
Issue a 'show user' command to find out which connection is being used, and
take note of the address in the Location column.
   kriek#sh user
      Line     User      Host(s)                  Idle Location
   *  0 con 0             idle                 00:00:00
     66 vty 0             idle                 00:00:14
Step 2:
Issue 'show tcp brief' and look for the IP address you recorded in step 1,
in the Foreign location column. Take note of the first entry on that line, the TCB
   kriek#sh tcp brief
   TCB             Local Address              Foreign Address
   808E9EB4     ESTAB
Step 3:
Using the TCB number recorded in Step 2, issue 'clear tcp tcb ###' where ###
is the TCB number.
      kriek#clear tcp tcb 808E9EB4